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Investing in diamonds

Anyone thinking of diamonds always makes the link with costly, exquisite jewels. Yet, investors are finding their way to diamonds increasingly often. The main reason is that a diamond generally keeps its value. Diamonds also rise in value with a strong dollar and due to mistrust in one’s own currency (the euro, for instance).

Diamonds versus gold

An ounce of 18 ct gold is an exact description of what you get on purchase. The value of gold is also an established value that appears daily in specialist journals or websites.
However, when buying a 1-carat diamond for example, the description of what you get is not exact, it only indicates the weight. Apart from the weight, particularly the purity, colour and finish (polish) are of great importance in evaluating diamonds. Moreover, you would be best advised to buy officially certified, sealed diamonds when it comes to an investment.

Tip for investing in diamonds for novices

Begin with smaller diamonds and go to a jeweller or goldsmith with a thorough knowledge of diamonds. Did you know that you can buy certified, sealed diamonds from as little as +/- 150 euros?
Only a specialist jeweller is able to guide a private person in how to buy diamonds correctly and safely.

Where to buy diamonds?

These jewellers and goldsmiths are diamond sales outlets accredited by Diberget. They can assist you in person in the purchase of diamonds as an investment or for jewels.

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