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Online B2B diamonds web store

A diamond web store on your own website

You have a website but are not yet using a web store? Or you would like to add a new web store to your own website? Diberget diamond dealers offer a free and personalised diamond web store, completely free of charge! Because the web store is fully automated, you will always have access to an up-to-date range of immediately available diamonds at current prices, without having to do anything.

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Diberget has developed a web store which you can install on your own website in less than 15 minutes without any previous programming knowledge. You will not be charged either, so there’s no need for investment or software development. Here is a typical example from Germany and another another example from the Netherlands

Benefits of our diamond database::

  1. Automatic daily updates
  2. 97 % of the diamonds on display are immediately available
  3. User-friendly search function
  4. You can download a selection in Excel

If you install a diamond web store on your website, online visitors will regard your business as a specialist in diamonds and diamond jewellery. The inclination to visit your company will increase by 63 %!

Personalising your web store

You can fully personalise our web store in order to tailor it to the look and feel of your website and company. Settings that can be adapted in the free online diamond web store:

  1. Profit margins
  2. Almost all colours can be adapted so that they reflect the look and feel of your own web store
  3. Display (or not display) price information
  4. VAT % can be adjusted

For a typical example of a diamond web store, visit: Lucas Juwelier

What do you need to do to activate and install the web store?

To activate and install the web store as part of your own website, complete these 3 easy steps::

  1. Register free of charge to gain access to the web store back office. Note that each registration is checked manually. The web store is only available to jewellers, goldsmiths or other operators who are connected with the jewellery industry.
  2. Once you are registered, you can then log into the back office, where you will be able to adjust profit margins, colours and other personal settings.
  3. Back office will automatically generate an ‘iframe’ code. You can easily insert this code on the website or have it inserted by your web developer.

Register for free diamond website

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